How Much Should I Spend On My Watch Collection?

“How Much Should I Spend on My Watch Collection?” is a bit of a presumptuous title if I’m being completely honest, but this question is being asked all over the internet. It’s not that simple – you can’t just ask the internet how much money you should spend on YOUR collection. It’s not the internet’sContinue reading “How Much Should I Spend On My Watch Collection?”

Bogus: Company Backstories & Terrible Watch Names

In December of last year while I was reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for the third time, I was visited by a lifeform from another planet. I was sitting in my captain’s chair and they walked into my living room (like they owned the place), sat cross-legged in front of me and startedContinue reading “Bogus: Company Backstories & Terrible Watch Names”